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Material: Metal
Color: Black
Number of Pieces: 10
Assembly Required: Yes

SKU: Garden Fence-14 Category:

– This decorative garden fence has a classic shape and dense lines that are both protective and decorative. Made with vinyl PVC powder coating, the surface is 100% rust and weather resistant for sturdiness and durability.
– Instead of the traditional, difficult snap design, our new garden fences feature a classic interlocking design that can be installed by one person. These fences can be placed in any shape you want.
– This animal barrier will not only prevent curious small animals from “ruining” your garden, but it will also keep dog walkers out of your yard. It may not completely stop large dogs from digging holes all over your garden.
– When you need to remove them, you simply take them out, fold them up for storage, or move them to another location, it’s that simple.
– Product Dimensions: 60.96 x 32 cm; 3.56 kg.


  1. Gina Hummel

    This fence looks elegant and charming at the same time. Everyone who passes by my front yard is in awe of this fence. Love,Love Love this fence

  2. Heath Detweiler

    We are using this for a flower garden border. The fence panels look great! This is well-made it seems too. They go in fairly easy but we used a light tap from a rubber hammer for some of them around some harder dirt we have.

  3. Jenna Wylie

    I ordered this product to protect my plants from getting eaten by the local wildlife. The fence is very easy to assemble/connect and the materials are very nice and sturdy. I am very happy with this product.

  4. Charesa Zahlen

    I wanted something to keep my dogs away from my flowers but not cover up my flowers these did the trick nicely.

  5. Elizabeth A Yeardie

    Great small fence that has some strengthen to it!!! Not one of those flimsy wire fences that get mangled at the drop of a dime!!!

  6. Michael Julian

    This item was perfect for holding back my cactus and keeping it from growing into my yard

  7. Sharon Langhe

    This fencing works for our fenced yard where there are gaps that the dogs can try to get out. It also works great around our small pond. Good material and easy to place.

  8. Mary Berk Stewart

    Although I used it for a different purpose than intended, it was perfect for what I needed. I added the panels to the top of a fence to prevent my dog from jumping over. They are sturdy and attractive.

  9. Roland Parkinson

    There’s no need to tie the panels together as they’re quite sturdy independently.

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