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Material: Alloy Steel
Color: Black
Number Of Pieces: 5
Assembly Required: Yes

SKU: Garden Fence-10 Category:

– Slide the stakes through the metal loops on the sides of each panel, hammer the stakes into dirt. The rubber mallet is the only tool you need.
– This fencing for yard is welded by Gauge 9 thickness iron wires, the stakes are approx. 10mm in diameter, and can be extended pretty far into the ground which is fairly solid and steady, it works well as a yard fencing for small or medium size dogs.
– More metal fence panels can be added without limit for a really large area. You can string them along to infinity.
– This garden fence for dogs links individual panels and stakes together, each panel is 28 inch width, so easy to create a protective fence barrier for flower beds planters and wherever you need.
– Product Dimensions: 83.82 x 71.12 cm; 8.98 kg.


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